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What is ChatGPT app used for ? ChatGPT क्या है ?
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What is ChatGPT app used for ? ChatGPT क्या है ?

18 Jul, 2023

What is ChatGPT app used for ? ChatGPT क्या है ?

ChatGPT is a free, open-source application that allows users to conduct online meetings and question-and-answer sessions.

Businesses may create fully working chatbots from scratch using the ChatGPT chatbot platform. The ChatGPT platform has been created to enable users to quickly construct a chatbot and integrate it to the system.

On the ChatGPT platform, you can code in real time. Facebook, the industry leader in social media, created it and just debuted a chatbot service of their own. The software works by bringing users together via a chat interface to improve communication with their friends and family.

There are numerous purposes for using the ChatGPT app. It can be used, for instance, to resolve challenging code issues or provide easy answers to questions. This is so that you don't have to use an extra keyboard or type anything out on your screen because it uses a voice-activated interface.

There has been some talk regarding ChatGPT's possible use in situations of online bullying and harassment ever since it was created. The forthcoming integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft Teams demonstrates that people continue to use it for both personal and business reasons.

ChatGPT features include:

Businesses may easily construct chatbots using ChatGPT because to its comprehensive range of capabilities. These consist of:

1) ChatGPT employs natural language processing to comprehend what the user is saying and responds appropriately.

2) Image Recognition - Using image recognition technology, ChatGPT can recognise photographs and separate them from other objects in its database.

3) Speech Recognition: ChatGPT can recognise spoken words and react appropriately.

4) Personality — Based on its interactions with people, ChatGPT can develop a personality. This enables it to change how it behaves depending on the context of the discussions it participates in.

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