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bootstrap 4 sidebar menu with submenu responsive codepen

bootstrap 4 sidebar menu with submenu responsive codepen

27 Jul, 2023

Hello friends, today I will tell you how to make a website navbar using bootstrap 4 sidebar menu with submenu responsive codepen.

Bootstrap 4 is an HTML framework that is one of the most popular frameworks through which you can easily create a mobile responsive and user-friendly website in less time. In this, you will only have to write a little HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Because to use Bootstrap 4, you have to use Bootstrap's CDN only, in which you have already been given many pre-made properties of scripts like CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery.

First, we have to bring the Four CDN links of Bootstrap 4. But now in the higher version of Bootstrap, only Two CDN links are being used. First, we will put the CDN Link of Bootstrap below the head tag of our HTML or PHP file.

Now we will create two web page files,

1) Index.html or Index.php

2) Style.css

Let's now create an index.html or index.php file and write the code for the form. And copy the below HTML code and paste it into your HTML or PHP file.

Second, we create a CSS file where we write the CSS script to give the awesome attractive layout design look.

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